Content Creator Faq

Most frequent questions and answers for content creators​

The Geaux Network is a multimedia company that is developing a video streaming platform  that showcases content and brands geared towards multicultural people.

The Geaux Network  sheds light on the stories of marginalized people, of which mainstream media seems to misunderstand or skip over. Our goal  is to give multicultural people a platform where they can find content that is relatable and reflective of their lifestyle. Per our slogan, “Your world through a multicultural lens”, we provide content that caters to the cultural nuances of the rest of the world.

If you were contacted by one of  our reps it’s because we believe your content  aligns with our mission to educate the world on the multicultural diaspora through entertaining and informative content.  An individual’s ethnic  background has cultural significance and it represents their identity.

It is absolutely free to have your content showcased on the network.

You  can either email your Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion link to the Geaux Network rep that contacted you or upload your videos to this link if given permission.

Your content will be on constant rotation and cycled throughout our network.

We welcome time preference from our content creators  , however time slots are chosen by our  programming team.

People can view your content on the Geaux Network by visiting our streaming service at

Our audience are the multicultural millennials.

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