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And how to be Authentic

Social Media Intern Position

Your Responsibilities as Social Media Manager will include In charge of all social media pages, responsible for ensuring social media is leveraged appropriately and successfully as part of marketing, brand awareness, and engagement efforts Work with and report to Chief Creative Officer to design and implement

Channel Manager Intern position

Overview and Responsibilities Geaux TV is seeking a Channel Manager to help oversee the channels on our platform. This manager will create channels on the platform or add additional content on existing channels. Additionally, they will join the Geaux founding team in creating content and audience

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Diversity in Media

Underrepresented groups want streaming services designed specifically with them in mind

Niche streaming services are in a unique position to capture the underrepresented groups in America by authentically shedding light on the stories of multiethnic people, of which mainstream media frequently misrepresents or skips over. Currently such relatable portrayals are sparse in mainstream outlets and thus difficult

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