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Social Media Intern Positon

Your Responsibilities as Social Media Manager will include

  • In charge of all social media pages, responsible for ensuring social media is leveraged appropriately and successfully as part of marketing, brand awareness, and engagement efforts
  • Work with and report to Chief Creative Officer to design and implement a social media strategy that is aligned with business objectives and drives measurable business results
  • Manage the social media strategy objectives, content requirements, content calendar, community management, paid media spend, and any other responsibilities
  • Report in weekly meetings on the effectiveness of the social media marketing program, both organic and paid, by outlining clear KPIs and build recurring reporting with those KPIs that demonstrate effectiveness within overall marketing strategy and to the business as a whole
  • Stay current on notable Multicultural Celebrations to contribute to social media strategy and imbed in Geaux TV culture
  • Research new and on-going community initiatives that Geaux TV can take to help provide information to our community i.e voting, signing petitions, etc.
  • Interact daily with our audience on social media showing brand voice, personality, and a sense of personalization

To Be Considered, You Will Need

  • At least 2 years of expert knowledge leveraging social media channels for effective marketing efforts, including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn
  • Strong communication and problem-solving skills; a proactive but balanced approach to leading projects and executing social media campaigns
  • Capable of working in a constantly changing environment, acting as the leader of new projects where a clear road map may not be set, and figuring things out
  • Strong leadership bringing fresh innovative ideas to the table that can take our social media pages to the next level
  • A desire to seek out and understand emerging technologies and gain perspective for adoption where appropriate
  • Highly engaged, intellectually curious individual who understands our audience and seeks continuous learning on how to market Geaux TV in new creative ways

If you’re interested in joining our team, please email [email protected] with an updated resume that explains why your qualifications would make you the perfect fit. Subject Line: Social Media Manager.

Please also feel free to email any other examples of social media pages you’ve run showcasing your personality. Someone from our team will be in contact with you if we think you’d be a great fit! Virtual Interviews will be active for the next couple of weeks. Looking to hire ASAP. 

Channel Mananger Intern Position

Overview and Responsibilities

Geaux TV is seeking a Channel Manager to help oversee the channels on our platform. This manager will create channels on the platform or add additional content on existing channels. Additionally, they will join the Geaux founding team in creating content and audience development strategies. The ideal candidate is creative, and a go-getter. Finally, this candidate should be a highly collaborative individual who will work closely with our COO.

Responsibilities to include:

  • Own the upload/publishing and optimization of content to their assigned channels and oversee the general day to day operations
  • Work with COO on analytics and audience strategy to develop and optimize titles, tags, descriptions, cards, playlists, thumbnails and other content/features across the channel(s)
  • Support short-form content strategy development by providing regular analytics content performance insights
  • Work with Founder Team and post teams to track content delivery and maintain master publishing schedules/calendars
  • Assist with fan engagement, community tab management, comment moderation, and livestream activities in the correct tone
  • Attend weekly brainstorms and scheduled interdepartmental meetings
  • Update team on progress/status/issues/troubleshooting on a weekly basis
  • Maintain high spelling and grammar standards across the channel
  • Pay attention to emerging trends within the social video and Gen Z /millennial entertainment landscape
  • Occasional video editing and graphic design (Optional)
  • May perform other duties as assigned

Basic Qualifications

  • 2 years of experience working in Digital Media
  • Demonstrated passion for youth-oriented media, YouTube and the social video space
  • Past experience writing social media copy, video titles and descriptions (SEO knowledge preferred)
  • Proficient knowledge of Adobe Premiere and Adobe Photoshop
  • Experience using YouTube’s Creator Studio or Content ID back-end tools
  • Strong written and oral communication skills, with high proficiency in English copy
  • Experience interpreting data, building presentation decks and sharing analytical conclusions
  • Ability to multitask, problem solve and operate independently in a fast-paced environment while maintaining strong attention to detail

If you’re interested in joining our team, please email [email protected] with an updated resume explaining why your qualifications would make you the perfect fit. Subject Line: Channel Manager Intern

Someone from our team will be in contact with you if we think you’d be a great fit! Virtual Interviews will be active for the next couple of weeks. Looking to hire ASAP. 


Niche streaming services are in a unique position to capture the underrepresented groups in America by authentically shedding light on the stories of multiethnic people, of which mainstream media frequently misrepresents or skips over. Currently such relatable portrayals are sparse in mainstream outlets and thus difficult to drive widespread acceptance of authentic diversity as the norm. By 2044, multicultural people will make up more than 50% of the U.S population, and this rising majority craves and demands this cultural media shift. As a point of reference, State of Viewing & Streaming 2020, a recent study by leading cultural insights firm Horowitz Research found that 73% of Hispanic, 65%Asian, and 78% LGBTQ viewers feel the onus is on the media to help dispel misleading narratives about their communities and cultures. Tailored streaming services have a massive opportunity to capture this untapped demand and drive a media revolution from the bottom-up.

The time has never been better for niche streaming services to exist. Specialized streaming services often showcase stories that explore the cultural nuances and lived experiences of marginalized groups, not only here in America but also globally. It’s not just about the number of underrepresented characters on screen, but it’s also about how they are being portrayed. There are currently 120 million multicultural people living in America and they are dissatisfied with how they are being viewed in the media. How many times will we see African American thugs, Russian mobsters, and Hijab wearing terrorists on TV? This demographic of viewers expect more and want the streaming services they watch to represent diverse people and communities in ways that dispel stereotypes.

Imagine if we had more films and shows that showed marginalized groups in a more positive light. For instance, visualize a film about a young muslim woman who grows up to be a Venture Capitalist or picture a weekly series about a Dominican American that wins the American presidency. How can we expect the black and brown youth to be what they cannot see? That is why representation in the media matters. There is an enormous benefit to living in a society where the media enthusiastically embraces diversity.

People who grow up in an environment that supports different cultures are better at understanding the perspectives of others and developing empathy. We are so much more than what the media portrays and it is up to all of us to create narratives that are reflective of our experiences.We need more positive representation of multicultural people on TV and streaming services!

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