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your world through a multicultural lens.

Are you tired of seeing negative images of multicultural people in the media?
Well, we are too! Geaux Network sheds light on the stories of marginalized people, of which mainstream media seems to misunderstand or skip over. We provide content that caters to the cultural nuances of the rest of the world and have created a platform where multicultural people can find content that is truly relatable and reflective of their lifestyle. We aim to help viewers find diverse content that dispel stereotypes about multicultural populations. 

Our Growing Team

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jehue francois CEO geaux network

Jehue Francois

CEO, Co-founder

dmitriy monakhov COO geaux network

Dmitriy Monakhov

COO, co-founder

Katleen Francois

CCo, co-founder

kordel latimer CTO geaux network

Kordel Latimer

CTO, co-founder


geaux network advisor - hugo balta

Hugo Balta

geaux network advisor - kieron monahan

Kieron Monahan

geaux network advisor - farzad wafapoor

Farzad Wafapoor

Greg Selkoe