Want to be a part of a network that celebrates multicultural viewers?

Join us at the Geaux.TV, where we are curating the best content for today’s multicultural audience.

Why Geaux with us?

The Geaux.TV is a video streaming  platform that exclusively showcases content creators making content geared towards multicultural viewers. We seek out non-stereotypical content that illustrate authentic, engaging and positive stories that embrace the nuances of various cultures.

Asian creator with big camera


Unlike more general streaming services, our network attracts and engages viewers who value authentic character portrayals and stories. Our live streaming platform increases discoverability and enables wider frequency and reach.

Connect with other creators and viewers through stories

We are producers too and know the value of community. When you join the Geaux family, we don’t just add your shows, we connect you to our community of viewers and creators.
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team of working woman

Grow with us

The Geaux.TV’s commitment is to showcase real representation across genres and behind the scenes. We welcome the opportunity to partner with emerging content creators and indie artists alongside bigger and more recognized names.

Interested in showcasing your content with the Geaux.TV?

If your personal creation mission aligns with ours, let’s connect!

Have questions?

We have answers here, or email Katleen@geauxnet.com

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