World-class Streaming Service


your world through a multicultural lens.

GeauxTV is 

  • A streaming service that showcases culturally relevant content for a multicultural audience.
  • A place to “tune in” when you want to “come home”. 
  • Play a game of cards with your uncle while enjoying the feeling of a “back then” story. 
  • Learn new and popular dances from your cousin.
  • You can connect with your parents by watching the news about what’s happening “home” in Italy, Brazil, Moscow, Haiti. 
  • Smell traditional dishes from your culture and mingle with loved ones’ languages                                                                       

Our Growing Team

Our team is on a mission to reshape the narratives of underrepresented communities in the media.

Visionaries , Misfits, Believers, Innovators, Creators

Jehue Francois

CEO, Co-founder

Katleen Francois

CCO, co-founder

Dmitriy Monakhov

COO, co-founder

Kordel Latimer

CTO, co-founder

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